The tacoxDNA webserver offers a simple interface to the tacoxDNA suite, which is a collection of programs for converting various common formats of DNA structures and for setting up molecular dynamics simulations. The source code of tacoxDNA is freely available here.

tacoxDNA allows users to produce complex DNA geometries with or without supercoiling by simply providing an XYZ coordinate file of the DNA centre-line or by using blueprints generated with the cadnano, CanDo, Tiamat and vHelix tools. It can also assist in the conversion to and from all-atom or oxDNA representations.

The current version of tacoxDNA focusses on oxDNA, but its source code been designed so that users can straightforwardly expand it to support other formats and add more functionalities.

If you use tacoxDNA, please cite the following article:

A. Suma, E. Poppleton, M. Matthies, P. Šulc, F. Romano, A. A. Louis, J. P. K. Doye, C. Micheletti and L. Rovigatti, TacoxDNA: A user‐friendly web server for simulations of complex DNA structures, from single strands to origami, J. Comput. Chem. 40, 2586 (2019)